A company built on Character, Integrity & Honesty!

More than a Luxury Beauty Company ..... More than a Network Marketing Opportunity!

Lady Godiva Beauty is a unique, value driven, social media-based Luxury Beauty Company that is the next Network Marketing Sensation! You can join our company as a Customer or build a business as a Beauty! We feature an Incentive Plan that rewards both Customers and Beauties, Cosmetics Made in the U.S.A., PETA Certification and we are a Green Company! We offer complete training to help our Beauties be successful and endorse our company that has a foundation created upon Character, Integrity & Honesty!

Our Vision is two-fold: To revolutionize Network Marketing by creating a 100% compliant environment, where you can purchase luxury beauty products without requirements or commitments, plus have the option to earn income by becoming a Beauty and growing a business around the products you love.
And: To make women stronger and more confident, by enabling them to control their life and claim their rights as an independent female.
Our Mission: To Encourage, Galvanize and Energize our Lady Godiva community with a company that provides Opportunity, Support, Camaraderie and Values.
Our Motto: United We Stand!

Our Slogan: Changing Lives One Beauty At A Time

Lady Godiva Beauty Collections

We proudly offer 3 Diverse, yet Complementary cosmetic collections!

Each collection offers a variety of hand picked items, so make sure to pick your
favorites from all three; as there is no limit to your many shades of beauty!
Rest assured that, regardless of the collection, all of our
cosmetics are cruelty-free and made in the USA!

Camille Lisa, Camille, Sarina and Tiffany

explore our Opportunity

Some of the things you'll LOVE about us:

The Products!

Our products are top quality and Luxurious! All of our cosmetics are sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A. under strict standards and regulations. They are also Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free.

The Camaraderie!

We are a company second and an incredible group of supportive, motivated, inspired women FIRST!
Make amazing friends all over the Country with our, primarily, social media-based business. Our Beauties and our Corporate team are available for constant support, whenever you need it! You will love the family atmosphere!

The Rewards!

At Lady Godiva Beauty, we have created more than just a compensation plan, we have created an "Incentive Machine" where Beauties receive rebates, commissions and bonuses simply by sharing our AMAZING PRODUCTS! Customers can also receive product credits and personal purchase rebates! See more about our incentive plan below.

The Website!

Everyone gets a FREE WEBSITE, whether they are a customer or a Beauty! Customers can use their website as a referral link and earn product credit and discounts off of their own beauty purchases. Beauties will also earn discounts off of their own purchases; as well as commissions on their downline sales. Both can check the status of their referrals in their personal back office.

NO Can Be a Good Thing!

Sometimes the best things are those you don't get. At Lady Godiva Beauty we like to say "NO"! No commitments, No requirements (including personal purchase requirements for Customers or Beauties), No website fees, No autoship, NO quotas to receive commissions! With everything we have to offer, we're proud to include a bunch of "NO's" too.

Get paid Real Time!

Customer Credits & Beauty Commissions calculate Real Time! Orders get processed Real Time and Ranks get calculated Real Time too. So, if processing an order qualifies you for a higher rank, you will get paid at that rank starting with that order! That means you don't have to wait until the end of the month to get paid! You earned it & you deserve it so why wait for it? The credit you earn appears in your back office DAILY and is ready for use right away!

The Lady Godiva Beauty PayCard!

Our customized, VISA branded PayCard is available to all Beauties as soon as you request your first commission! You can see all of your commissions and rewards accumulate, in real time, in your back office eWallet account. You can use your funds immediately for purchases on your Lady Godiva Beauty website, or transfer them to your PayCard to use anywhere that accepts VISA! Transfer times may vary and typically occur within 30 days. There is no fee to get your Customized Lady Godiva Beauty PayCard! *separate terms & conditions apply from the PayCard account supplier


When you join, you will have your own National Beauty Business! There are no territories so you can sell to anyone in the Country! Along with the other benefits of joining, Your business kit will get you started in a big way with over $300 worth of products for just $99! What a great way for you to showcase our amazing products to others!
Your new Beauty Business also comes with the ability to enroll others in their own Beauty Business!
Your business includes a Ground Floor Opportunity, a No Fee Custom Website for you to use and share, a Lady Godiva Beauty PayCard to cash in on your Commissions, our Generous and Rewarding INCENTIVE PLAN plus SUPPORT every step of the way! There are No Fees or Quotas to receive Commissions, you are Paid In Real Time and your Customers will also receive a Free Custom Website for them to use and share, thereby helping to build your downline!
Order your new BUSINESS KIT now!

The Incentive REWARDS Plan!

New and Improved! Our Incentive Rewards Plan is more powerful, pays deeper and is now easier to understand and explain!
In a word, our New Incentive Rewards Plan is BETTER! Better than it was and Better than other DS Companies!

Why do we have an Incentive Plan when other companies have a Compensation Plan?


Compensate by definition is "to provide someone payment for services." A Compensation Plan is just a schedule of what you get paid.
Simply stated, we wanted more!

Incentive by definition is "a thing that motivates or encourages." An Incentive Plan is one that Motivates, Encourages Behavior and Promotes Loyalty!
Now that's more like it! Incentive Wins!

Take a look at our Incentive Rewards Plan and you will quickly see how powerful it is and now how easy it is to understand and explain!
You will see one of the ways that Lady Godiva Beauty is "Revolutionizing Network Marketing!"