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Note: Your Beauty account comes with a Ground Floor Opportunity, a Free Personalized Website, a VISA PayCard, No Fees, No Quotas, Get Paid In Real Time, Your Customers Receive Free Personalized Websites, our Generous and Rewarding Incentive Plan & the ability to Pre-order one of our three Business Kits!
Pre-orders are now being accepted for these New Business Kits from Lady Godiva Beauty!!!
Each kit is only $99 and comes with full size Lady Godiva Beauty products and our Signature Black & White Striped Make-up Trunk! Every new business includes a custom website for you to use and share, a Lady Godiva Beauty PayCard to cash in on your commissions, our exclusive INCENTIVE PLAN and SUPPORT every step of the way!
The products in your Business Kit will ship to you within 30 days. The Custom Lady Godiva Beauty Trunk is in production and will be shipped when available. That is why we call your Business Kit purchase a pre-order. Trunks will be shipped based on the date they were ordered.
The products are for you to use, share or sell. They will introduce you to just a few of the many amazing product offerings. The actual products or shades included may change from time to time based on availability.
Each Lady Godiva Beauty Business Kit has a value of OVER $250! They give you access to products and resources designed to help you launch your Lady Godiva Beauty business. The purchase of a Business Kit is not required for residents of North Dakota, but a purchase is required if you wish to receive the Signature Trunk and the products. To see a picture of the Business Kits, click Here .
After purchasing your Business Kit, send a support ticket from your back office and indicate if you would like the Magical Mermaid, Top Sellers or Jump Start kit. If you choose to Pre-order the new Biz Kit, the cost is $99.00 + $25.00 shipping, in addition to any applicable local and state sales tax.