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Beauty Spotlight

ABOUT HER: Bilha is a Founding Corporate Beauty who has been with the company since our launch!
She is a positive influence on the rest of the company and always supportive.

HER WORDS: My husband and I have 5 beautiful and amazing children. With homeschooling and normal everyday life it's often hard to find time for myself. But, I want my children to know that it is important to love yourself. We are all beautiful and once we realize and accept that, life becomes joyful because you don't live comparing or idolizing others. You find yourself and you're happy to be you. Lady Godiva Beauty has enhanced my love for myself and for others. Reflecting and sharing your passion and personal view of art with others is so exciting. I'm really grateful for this adventure and I'm thrilled to keep seeing the changes and accomplishments it brings.

CONTACT HER: You can visit her website Here

Beauty Spotlight