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ABOUT HER: Dana is the loving mother of 5 fabulous children ranging from 2nd grader to college student. She lives in the beautiful state of Oregon. While she has battled many obstacles in her life, she has always survived and continued to reach for success. She has made it a point to live a life helping others and showing her children the importance of compassion for others. She shows this not only with her dedication to her team, but also as the Oregon state leader, and most recently becoming Freelance Sr. Director, in an effort to help all Beauties and the company grow.

HER WORDS: I never would have imagined how my life could change when my dear friend, Kara introduced me to Lady Godiva Beauty.
The motto, Changing lives one Beauty at a time is a philosophy I have lived my whole life in helping others.
Our amazing CEO Camille has taken her own tragedy and turned it into a labor of love that helps each one of us have the opportunity to overcome, survive, and reach our success.
I am fiercely devoted to my children and not only does Lady Godiva accept that, but encourages it. My children have become my go to models and work almost as hard as I do to promote my Lady Godiva business. How fitting it is that we have adopted the infinity symbol. Just as my love for my children will be everlasting, so will my love for Lady Godiva Beauty and the people I am blessed to work with.

I want to thank, Camille for giving me an opportunity that truly changed my life, Chris Montgomery of Believe Photography for capturing the essence of my Fab Five, and Krystal Bryan for amazing Hair and Makeup, using all Lady Godiva products, of course. If this is work, please never let it end!!!

If you are looking for something life changing and someone who will support your success, I encourage you to join Lady Godiva today.

CONTACT HER: You can visit her website Here

Beauty Spotlight