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ABOUT HER: Kara started with Lady Godiva Beauty before our launch and has worked for the Military for the last 17 years. She is the wife to an amazing Army Veteran, James.
Kara is the proud mom of Austen, who has joined Lady Godiva Beauty (LGB) as the first "Beast". Austen is currently finishing high school and attending college while working his LGB business.
Her gorgeous daughter, Kinlea, is 11 years old and is involved in pageants, modeling, 4-H, singing, and is active in sports and her church youth group.
The whole family is very involved in Veteran/Military organizations and do a lot of community service.
Kara is also the vice president of Passion Purses, a non-profit organization helping women who are needing a fresh start in life.
Kara has been involved in the pageant & modeling industries for 30 years, as a competitor, pageant/model mom, hair and make-up provider, pageant director, and certified judge.

HER JOURNEY WITH US: Since starting with Lady Godiva beauty, Kara has accomplished many great things, to include: currently has the 2nd largest team in the company, first promotion to Elite-December 2016, promotion to Noble in January 2017, promotion to Royal in February 2017. Members of her team (including Kara) have been in the Top 10 in sales & Top 10 producers every month since January, she became a Lady Godiva Beauty official model, she achieved the title of STATE LEADER for Kansas, she earned the title/position of JR. NATIONAL DIRECTOR, and she was the first Beauty to earn a spot in the Million Dollar Leading Ladies Club!!! Kara is a fantastic leader and has one of the most positive, uplifting, and loving teams! She recently volunteered to start "Kara's Train the Trainer" program to help the entire company to learn some of the most important aspects of the business and lead them to success. Kara is also in charge of our first corporate anti-bullying event.

HER WORDS: What can I say?!? I love all things sparkly, luxurious, and girly, and here I am a founding beauty with the most amazing luxury makeup company in the world! We have the best products on the planet and I have the most loving, loyal, fun, inspirational, hardworking, spectacular team anyone could ever dream of! I am only good as a leader if I have a great team and I believe my team is the absolute best ever!
My husband & children are "all in" when it comes to Lady Godiva Beauty!
I can't wait until the day that I can travel the world with my family and spread the word about Lady Godiva Beauty, show my children places I have only dreamed of visiting, and personally hug each and every single beauty in our entire company! I can't wait to do all this and not have to worry about missing "work" to be with my family full time.

CONTACT HER: You can visit her website Here