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ABOUT HER: Hi, My name is Kara, I would like to share a little about my business background. I have an extensive background which was all in leadership roles and I believe this explains some of why I love what I do here at Lady Godiva Beauty. Some of my titles during my career were Director of Human Resources, Safety Director, Store Manager and Business Owner.
While in these careers many years ago I was introduced to the Network Marketing Industry. I had lots of success and even had reached Director titles and even helped a new start up company which lead me to be one of the top leaders in the company.
I always had something missing and always was looking to see if there was a right fit for me in a company that I loved the products and also had a compensation plan that would work for me and my team. I knew I was ready to get out of Corporate America but needed to find a company that would allow that.
Over the years I had many road blocks and obstacles in my personal and professional life. There were many times I would feel worthless and want to give up but I reminded myself that one day it would all work out.
With my drive and ambition no matter how many times I fell, I would always get back up and work harder to become better.
I am so glad I had the drive in me because, if I didn't, I wouldn't be where I am today.
I am happily married to Carl, the man of my dreams and I have three beautiful children. I have two boys which are my oldest and youngest and my middle child is my daughter Kira who is also part of Lady Godiva Beauty.

HER WORDS: Where can I start? How can I tell you that when I first heard about Lady Godiva Beauty that I had no intentions of joining? I was curious and kept thinking about the opportunity but my daughter kept saying NO mom you are not looking into it and I knew deep down I would like to know more but I also reminded myself I was thinking about taking a break from the Network Marketing Industry.
Every day I would go to my daughter and say, Kira, just listen so I can tell you about this company. Her response was always "NO mom we are NOT joining." My persistence and drive wouldn't allow me to give up until she really looked into the company and would learn more about it like I was. A few days later she came to me and said okay I think we need to look into it now. After investigating the company we knew with the opportunity to join FREE it would allow us to join and not worry about a loss or risk at all. We knew we didn't have anything to lose so we jumped in and I can't even begin to tell you to how fun this ride has been.
In about 30 days we had over 100 team members and only doubled that in next 30 days. We also ranked very quickly.
During my short time here, I became part of the Million Dollar Leading Ladies, Jr. Northeast Regional Director, Sr. Northeast Regional Director and now I am the Director of Marketing, Lead Corporate Beauty and Company Trainer and my daughter Kira is part of the Million Dollar Leading Ladies, Northeast Regional, Sr. Director and a Company Trainer.

I am truly blessed for the opportunity Camille has given us and the ability to work along side my daughter every day and to have a team like I do.
Thank you, Camille, for this opportunity and I can't wait to see what all is in store for us.

Beauty Spotlight