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ABOUT HER: Denise is a Founding Beauty who has been with the company since pre-launch.
She is a full-time CNA and is going to nursing school. She has a three-year-old daughter who enjoys wearing mommy's makeup and her family is supportive of her business, especially her mom, who was her first customer and continues to be a customer now.

HER JOURNEY WITH US: From the beginning, Denise has worked hard to get our name out there and get us known.
She was one of the first models that we selected because she always did live videos where everyone could see her and see all the wonderful products, which is another reason she became one of our Million Dollar Leading Ladies.
She does everything we ask of her to be successful and completes all of the challenges we give the Beauties.
She has blossomed and bloomed from launch to now.
She has been with us through the ups and downs and never gave up on us when her best friends were telling her to go a different direction.
Denise then promoted to an Elite Beauty in April of this year and became one of our Top Producers for the month of July!
She has not given up when times were tough and continues to work hard every day.

HER WORDS: When I first found out about the company, I didn't really want to join because I was already in so many companies that I did not want to leave. Then I started reading Camille's story and how she started this company for her daughter Sarina and Sarina's legacy and her words touched me. I wanted to be part of this.
I had no idea where to start, but I loved everything about the company and so I quit every direct sales company I was with and focused on Lady Godiva Beauty. That was the best decision I have ever made.
Camille has made everything so perfect and welcomes everyone with open arms. I love the fact that we get to connect with her on a daily basis and she reaches out to us if we are not ourselves. We are so close and have a great connection, I consider her a good friend and always have her back through everything.
I am beyond excited to finally meet her this month at our Power House Woman retreat. I feel part of a big happy family with Lady Godiva and would not change it for the world.

CONTACT HER: You can visit her website Here

Beauty Spotlight